Inside The New Frontier of the Progressive movement in North Carolina.

A diverse group of citizens living and working in southeastern North Carolina made up of educators, artisans, business professionals, actors, retired civil servants, Veterans and many others have grown increasingly alarmed at the extent local, state and national GOP elected and appointed officials are systematically endangering our freedoms as well as our basic civil and human rights.  


Many of us are registered “Unaffiliated” and more than a few of us in years and decades past have voted for Republicans.  That said, there is a clear recognition that over the last decade the national/state/local Republican Party has lost its way to the point where it is little more than a convenient vehicle for bigots, misogynists, corporate polluters, corporate profiteers, legislative prostitutes and a traitorous and corrupt wanna-be autocrat to implement their twisted vision of America.  They must be stopped and they must be stopped NOW; here in the great state of North Carolina as well as across this sacred land that is the United States of America.  Progressive movements to right our national “ship” are taking many forms and success is already rippling across this country that we love.  We here in North Carolina have to take our own movement to another level and there is no time to be wasted.


So, why the call to action to organize and operationalize TurnNCBlue?   One simple reason: we know we can make a real difference in positively affecting outcomes in local races using bold and imaginative methods that progressive candidates and their official campaigns are often unable or hesitant to use.  Prior to this calling to form TurnNCBlue, we collectively and substantially supported the many excellent Democratic local, state and federal candidates that ran for election/re-election.  So why might that not be enough?  What we have come to realize is financial contributions to these official campaigns can quickly reach federally mandated restricted limits and many supporters have become frustrated in their believing they are unable to do more.  In other cases, supporters prefer to see their contributions used boldly, aggressively and unapologetically to turn out progressive voters and to vividly portray the stark differences in candidates.  This is where TurnNCBlue comes in.  


TurnNCBlue’s logo is a kicking donkey for a reason....we like to call it “Kicking Ass in Carolina” and we damn well intend to. Utilizing strategies that are hard-hitting, thought-provoking, and also stressing personal and community accountability; we have no interest in taking prisoners.  We will hold the GOP accountable for the criminal negligence in allowing their donors to pollute our drinking water and environment as they thwart common-sense gun control measures, their inhumane treatment of immigrant families, their corrupt gerrymandering legislative practices, their sheltering candidates under the party banner such as child molesters, neo-Nazis, and avowed white supremacists, as well as their systematic strategy to suppress the vote of communities of color here in NC and across the nation.  Sadly, this is far from a complete list.  We understand that we will be attacked in turn for taking these stands by the GOP and their operatives...it’s what they do.  That said, TurnNCBlue ain’t bringing no damn pocketknife to this gunfight....them days are done.  A level playing field is all we need. We aren't asking for one. No, screw that shit. We are taking it.  


Does it piss you off that it has come to this?  Then do something about it: join us!  We have the will to do this but we cannot break the GOP’s majorities in Raleigh and Washington, D.C. without your help. Without the help of your friends, families, neighbors and the multitudes of decent people here in North Carolina.  The first strides were made in 2018 and our presence will be felt here in our corner of North Carolina, in Raleigh and in D.C.!  Together we make this all possible...and even greater accomplishments lie ahead for 2020.  That’s right, 2020....this is not a battle. This will be a campaign that once we Turn NC Blue, we need to KeepNCBlue. After repeatedly witnessing the depths the GOP will easily sink to when they have power, we now know our vigilant watch over our freedoms can never ever cease.



Let’s do this!



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