“...many Republicans have been slow to recognize the very tangible and real-world danger of a thuggish central state under their own party’s control: the knock on the door at night, the separation of children and parents, congressional show trials, the erosion of civil society, the autocratic leader forcing private companies into submission, the state-run television station that insists the weather is bright and sunny when everyone can see that it’s raining.“   Joshua Zeitz, Jul 14, 2018 - Politico


We are not waiting for Republicans to come to their senses, too many have drank the Koolaid of theIr Dear Leader’s cult of personality.  TurnNCBlue is acutely aware of what is at stake for our civil and human rights, and ultimately the freedoms that we as Americans all cherish.  We have taken our stand and pledge to hold the GOP accountable for initially enabling and then becoming the face and voice of these ominous threats.   


Supporting, electing and re-electing Progressives to local, state and federal offices is the antidote for what currently ails us.  We will be aggressive and unapologetic with our words, tactics and actions in support of this very attainable goal.  There are plenty of other organizations who are excellent at selling purely the soft and sunny side, TurnNCBlue is not one of them.  If you feel the need for urgent and bold action as acutely as we do, take your stand alongside us....and many others who also want to be part of making the critical difference.  Together we can inspire the legions of decent, compassionate and tolerant North Carolinians who desperately desire change to vote with us on 6 November this year and for years and decades to come.  That’s right....we are in this for the long haul!



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