It's time to make Senator Tillis

"One Term Thom!"

He's backed by NRA blood money & the Koch Brothers,

showed he doesn't give a shit about women when he enthusiastically supported Brett Kavanaugh,

and during his time as NC Speaker of the House he oversaw the drawing of gerrymandered maps that suppress voters' rights;

and that's just the tip of the iceberg. 

Backed By


Has an A+ rating from the NRA, and has received nearly $4.5 million in their blood money during the course of his career.

He Fights For Corporate Polluters

Received $22,000 from coal giant Murray Energy, and has been given $274,000 from the Oil & Gas industry during his career.

In The Pockets Of

Big Banks

Wells Fargo has contributed over $35,000 and

Live Oak Bank has donated over $56,000 to his campaigns. Over his career, he's received nearly $260,000 from commercial banks. 

His Constituents Are The Koch Brothers

Koch Industries has given him over $25,000. And what is their biggest industry?

Petroleum refining


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